For every pastor, parent, and all who care.

Access practical, God-honoring guidance to relate effectively with LGBT+ people in your family, church, ministry, Christian school, or other community setting.

Practical answers to some of the toughest challenges pastors and parents face:

Understanding LGBT+ Loved Ones

Receive insights on what it’s like growing up LGBT+, the courage it takes to come out, and the risks LGBT+ teens face.

Developing a Thoughtful Care Plan

Learn how to respond well when loved ones come out, love well while holding onto your beliefs, ensure their safety, and reestablish relationships with loved ones after making mistakes.

Engaging with Accessible Language

Gain a missional perspective on language that helps make every word count as you build trust with your loved one.

Loving Gender Minorities Well

Build understanding about trans and non-binary identities and discover ways to care well and foster conversations with your trans or non-binary loved one.

Guidance for All Who Care

Tips for relational effectiveness, making sure your home is a refuge, being a friend to parents of LGBT+ children, and preparing for crucial conversations.​

What's new about the Revised 5th Edition?

Expanded Content

In this new edition, you will find more of our Best Practice Care Plan, many content suggestions brought to us from you - our readers of prior editions, and expanded guidance on care for trans and non-binary loved ones.

Reorganized Structure

This edition will lead you on a journey through the profile of LGBT+ individuals across a lifetime from childhood to adulthood, offering deeper insights into the needs of LGBT+ loved ones at every stage of life.

New Design

While still offering a high design feel, the edition’s new design embodies an enhanced narrative structure for readability.

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