Guiding Families helps every pastor, parent, and all who care relate effectively to LGBT+ loved ones.


For every pastor, parent, and all who care.

Access practical, God-honoring guidance to relate effectively with LGBT+ people in your family, church, ministry, Christian school, or other community setting.

Enhance Church Inclusion

Guiding Families rejects the “us vs. them” mentality for the truth that LGBT+ youth are us – our students, teens, and children.

Increase Family Acceptance

Christian parents have an opportunity to accept, rather than reject, their children – even while holding to their biblical beliefs.

Protect Against Victimization

LGBT+ youth are at increased risk for suicidality, bullying, family rejection, & homelessness – risks pastors & parents can reduce.

Nourish Faith

When youth have a stable, loving, safe environment in which to understand their identity, there is room to get to know Jesus Christ.

Guiding Families resources offer a relationally honoring, biblically sound path forward.

Our resources will help you to respond well when LGBT+ people come out; build a support team for LGBT+ loved ones and their families; and engage LGBT+ individuals in a trusting relationship over the long term.

Meet the author

Bill Henson

Bill Henson is founder of Lead Them Home and creator of the nationally leading Posture Shift seminar. He has trained over 60,000 Christian leaders on biblically sound LGBT+ inclusion and care, and has guided 5,000 families over the last 15 years.

Bill Henson trains national, regional and local ministry teams across North America to extend Christ to LGBT+ people.

Posture Shift is writing a new church history where communities of faith and homes are safe for LGBT+ family and friends. We offer leading resources for every pastor, parent and all who care for LGBT+ people.