For every pastor and parent and all who care.

Access practical, God-honoring guidance to relate effectively with LGBTQ+ people in your family, church, ministry, Christian school, or other community setting.

Practical answers to some of the toughest questions pastors and parents face.

Understanding LGBT+ Loved Ones

Insights on the courage it takes to come out, the weight LGBT+ teens experience while growing up, and the risks they face.

Developing a Care Plan

Learn how to respond well when loved ones come out, love well while holding onto your beliefs, ensure their safety, and how your role could save a life.

Beyond Lesbian and Gay

Reaching people where they are, engaging with humility and sensitivity, guidance for transgender young people and their families, and an overview of other “plus” identities.

Guidance for all who care

Tips for relational effectiveness, making sure your home is a refuge, being a friend to parents of LGBT+ children, and preparing for crucial conversations.


“I’ve had parents, churches, and pastors often express that they want to love LGBT+ loved ones well, but don’t know how. Well, here’s how! Guiding Families … clearly and practically shows how to embody the love of Jesus….”  

– Rev. Branson Parler, Ph.D., Professor of Theological Studies, Kuyper College, Director of Faith Formation, Fourth Reformed Church

“I often meet with families in crisis after an LGBT+ child comes out. I’ve found Guiding Families to be THE resource I leave with them to continue leading them. Most LGBT+ resources require reading the entire work for just a few insights. Guiding Families is a decluttered resource that gives insight after insight drawn from on-the-ground pastoral and parental care.”

– Ty Wyss, Founder, Walls Down Ministry

“My number one go-to resource for parents and friends with LGBT+ loved ones.”  

– Dr. Preston Sprinkle, President of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender, and author of People To Be Loved

“This expanded edition of Guiding Families from Lead Them Home has transformed an already helpful resource into an invaluable treasure trove of information and wisdom.”

– Dr. Nate Collins, Ph.D. in New Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of All But Invisible

“Guiding Families is a Holy Spirit-infused, practical tool that has the potential to save churches, save families, and save lives.”

– Laurie Krieg, Executive Director of Hole In My Heart Ministries

“I long for a world in which every Christian who holds a traditional sexual ethic loves their LGBTQ neighbors with the kind of sensitivity and compassion modeled in this book.”

– Gregory Coles, author of Single, Gay, Christian  

“After years of looking for helpful materials, Guiding Families has become the go-to resource for our ministry. It is practical and encouraging to parents, a great guide for small groups, and invaluable for anyone walking with LGBTQ+ people and their families!”

– Jill Rennick, Director of The Grace Place

“I highly recommend the second edition of Guiding Families. The first edition assisted me not just in ministry but in my own family. I am grateful that the second edition goes deeper into language and healing conversations, real life stories from parents, and frequently asked questions.” 

– Nina Edwards, Senior Director of Leadership Development at Youth For Christ/USA

Equip Your Whole Team

Guiding Families

When LGBT+ loved ones come out, parents can experience shock. Fear and grief can disable their initial reaction. Emotions erupt. Hurtful words spill. Trust is damaged. Relationships become disconnected.

Meanwhile, in the church, LGBT+ people often face impossible hurdles and suspicion about their faith. One courageous disclosure can be met with a response that communicates, “I don’t understand you.

This guide offers a relationally honoring, biblically sound path forward. 

Special Sections Include

In Guiding Families, you’ll find a variey of content designed to transform your relationships with LGBT+ loved ones.

Real Life Profiles

True stories from LGBT+ people and their parents.

Guest Articles

From pastors, theologians, and leading voices.

Parents Helping Parents

Qualitative data from our nation­wide survey.


Whether you’re a pastor or parent, friend or relative, find support.