Logo: Guiding Families Direct Care

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: We do not offer licensed counseling or medical services. We require all suicidal persons to seek help via licensed professionals. We remain available to serve all persons as an extra source of informal support and encouragement.

Guiding Families Direct Care provides a safe place for LGBT+ people of all ages as well as parents and family members of LGBT+ loved ones.

We will walk with you where you are at.
We will refer to you by how you identify.

We are interested in hearing your story.
We will never moralize or judge you.

We will never coerce unwanted topics.
We guide parents toward acceptance.

We help you gain support from a pastor.
We help protect you from mistreatment.

Our Direct Care team is here for you.
You are invited to contact us any time.

Emergency? Dial 911 or go to a hospital.

For Parents, Families & LGBT+ Loved Ones

Appointments by Zoom or telephone. We offer your family non-licensed care and guidance. We specialize in fostering safe homes by meeting with you and your LGBT+ child. We work directly with LGBT+ adults as well. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve encouraged tens of thousands of families like yours.

For Teens & Young Adults

Free Zoom, telephone or email support is available to teens and young adults without family support and no financial means. Through our Justice Initiatives fund, we can help with college tuition, housing and meal plans to keep you advancing in your education in the face of family rejection.

Across America & International

Appointments available by Zoom, telephone or email. We serve parents, families and LGBT+ people across the globe. We will partner with Rainbow Railroad and similar organizations assisting LGBT+ persons in highly oppressive nations. Did you know Guiding Families is available in Spanish?

If You Are Suicidal

You are so important to us — and to God. We encourage you to take a next step toward help and hope.

  1. Tell your parent(s) if possible.
  2. If not, share with a trusted adult.
  3. Call Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 for live help.
  4. Dial 911 or just go right to the hospital.

You can begin to access guidance and support. Schedule your appointment today.